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Perl 6 release – or Xmas in Easter

Posted by brunorc on August 4, 2009

If you don’t know it already, on YAPC::EU 2009 in Lisbon Patrick Michaud announced the date of Rakudo Perl, AKA Perl 6. This will be an useful and usable version, named Rakudo * (or Rakudo Star). Every developer will be able to download it, install it and start writing applications in Perl 6.

Update: of course I was too excited and too tired after the second day of the conference to mention the most important information: the date. So, here it is – Spring 2010. We will have Xmas in Easter and since we be so good and patient, we will receive our ho-ho-hot Rakudo Star.

So, Perl is not so 0xDEAD.

Greetings from Lisbon!

One Response to “Perl 6 release – or Xmas in Easter”

  1. […] Patrick Michaud announced that he’ll release a special version of Rakudo called Rakudo star in Spring 2010. Sadly I was not present, but as minor minion I picked some things up on IRC and […]

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