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When Perl 5.11 will be available?

Posted by brunorc on August 21, 2009

Well, it’s also up to you.

There were many community-oriented topics on YAPC::EU 2009, especially during the lightning talk sessions. At some point Jesse Vincent, The Man With Purple Hair entered the scene and shared the thrilling message with the audience: You can help releasing Perl 5.11 with even more important addition and you don’t have to hack on any code. What is needed, is to sort commits into appropriate categories – mostly it can be done based on the commit message.

This essentially means that everyone can try. Just go to the Perl 5.11 Changelogger and start being a rockstar. You may also see what are all those people doing, you may get familiar with the new features – but you can also get into the Top Ten. Or Top Eleven, in that case.

Just take a look at the legend, to know the what-is-what. Tags have hotkeys, so it’s quite easy to use the page. In return, you’ll get your shiny Perl 5.11 sooner. With a pony!

2 Responses to “When Perl 5.11 will be available?”

  1. Stefan said


    just for info, Perl 5.11 is now available,


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