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What keeps me distracted

Posted by brunorc on October 4, 2010

I honestly wanted to jump back and start writing about Perl 6, but… again, many things emerged and required my attention.

First, I finally got my new (well, not so new, but bought recently) synths installed. Haven’t even scratched their surface yet, especially Korg Wavestation is treated rather unfair – nothing more than trying out presets, can you believe? Instead I tried to get up on the steep learning curve of Yamaha SY77, the pinnacle of FM synthesis – well, if you don’t think about FS1R. And if you think about FS1R, your brain will boil and explode, since eight-operator synthesis in terms of being easy to grasp is next to quantum mechanics.

And then, something strange happened. I acted as a proxy in the process of acquiring the groovebox for my friend, Joao. So for few weeks Yamaha RM1X occupied the desk in my studio. And those were very interesting weeks, I have to admit – maybe not weeks, but at least some days of those. While I’m not inclined toward the broadly speaking dance music, I was surprised by the general usability of this instrument. It is very easy to use and inspiring, even if you only tinker with the factory presets; in fact, creating your own ones can be very easy, but in my opinion it’s rather the task for a software sequencer, though.

Anyway, I spent some nice time with it, and you can even listen to the outcome:

(Apparently the widget doesn’ t look as expected, but nevermind).

But when I sorted out the things with my synths, my daughter Elżbieta Marta manifested her affinity for the Agile methodology, at least the part “release early”. We expected her three weeks later, but she decided to go, apparently thinking that Virgo is better than Libra. And believe me, you can always switch off your synths, even if you feel the inner call – but when we’re talking about demanding the attention, no synth can even come close to the newborn child…

However, in the meantime I also decided to write a bit about my other passion, so you can expect some musings about synths, MIDI and music in general. And those things can go along with Perl, as I already have some ideas…

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