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Archive for August 10th, 2011

Perl & MIDI

Posted by brunorc on August 10, 2011

I thought it will never happen, but finally there is – the first post filed under both MIDI and Perl categories. This is the convergence of two threads that were running through this blog.

Right now it’s only an announcement, that after all those problems I found a way to connect my MIDI equipment to the Perl code. And I’m not talking about processing MIDI files with Perl and then sending them to my synths. I’m able to process what I play – and with process I mean filtering, transposing, multiplying and triggering arpeggios. I’ll be presenting a talk about this on YAPC::EU in Riga, so I’m not going to reveal all the aces hidden upon my sleeves yet ;-)

Thanks to ALSA and MIDI::ALSA module I can access my eMagic Unitor8 from Perl running on Linux. Even if I have two Unitors stacked together, ALSA sees only one; even if I can record from all eight inputs of my Unitor8, I can send to only one. But it still leaves me 16 MIDI channels and plenty of possibilities.

At the moment my code is very crappy – no modules (thus no API), just scripts that do stuff. After reaching some reasonable level of functionality I’m going to stop, clean it up and release some initial version on CPAN. My goal is to approach the idea of Zyklus, but we will see… Stay tuned!

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