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Catalyst is easy – quick installation on Ubuntu

Posted by brunorc on July 4, 2009

Catalyst packages - marked (and installed)

Catalyst packages - marked (and installed)

How to find Synaptic, Ubuntu package manager

How to find Synaptic, Ubuntu package manager

Disclaimer: I really wanted to do this properly – with screenshots and everything. But my old, forgotten Ubuntu 8.04 erm… broke in my hands. So now I am burning the 9.04 image to start from scratch, but in the meantime I will try to describe short blind-tour on installing Catalyst on Ubuntu. For the impatient ones, written by one of them.

If you have Ubuntu, chances are you have some graphical package manager. Some time ago it was Synaptic – and after the ISO burns and launches, I will have an idea about what you can use in Ubuntu 9.04 Bulky Ballmer (or whatever name they gave it).

Update: Finally I made it – Ubuntu 9.04 has been installed. Nothing changed, Synaptic still rules.

Anyway – it all boils down to following steps:

  1. Launch your (favourite) package manager
  2. Use the “Search” button to find necessary Catalyst packages; hint: their names follow the convention libcatalyst-something-perl
  3. Mark all packages you want to install; hint: you want to install libcatalyst-modules-perl and libcatalyst-view-tt-perl (it also contains the TTSite view)
  4. Click “Apply” and have some coffee or tea

This method has the following advantages:

  • is easy
  • you don’t have to care about dependencies
  • and dependecies won’t break

However, there are some disadvantages:

  • you can install only packages that have been prepared by Ubuntu folks
  • you can install only versions that have been prepared by Ubuntu folks

I remember there used to be a possibility to add some alternative Ubuntu repositories and maybe they would contain more up-to-date versions. But if you want some really quick and easy version, here it is.

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