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Catalyst is easy – feedback

Posted by brunorc on September 6, 2009

I’ve got some feedback from the user, asking about the installation of Catalyst on Windows. Peter asks:

I installed Catalyst in Windows in the way you said, but once it finished, I cant find the Catalyst folder. Where is it? How can I start with an easy Hello Work in using Catalyst?

Let me answer in two steps. First, Catalyst doesn’t have one, proper directory (or folder) – it gets installed on your system mostly as a bunch Perl modules, accompanied with some scripts (catalyst.bat on Windows, on Unix-likes). From this moment on, you can use this script to create any number of separate, independent Catalyst applications. You can even organize them, according to your needs or preferences – I would do it in the command window:

mkdir C:\Catalyst
cd C:\Catalyst
mkdir devel production
cd devel
catalyst.bat FaceSpace

Now you have your new Catalyst application residing under C:\Catalyst\devel\FaceSpace. After some time spent on working with it, you want to put it live. Then you can just copy the FaceSpace directory to the C:\Catalyst\production and it will continue to work. Now you have two copies of the app, and you can compare the “devel” version with the “production” one, but that will require some tweaking, as probably both servers will try to start on port 3000; the easiest solution for me would be to start the “production” version on port 3001 (you won’t need to restart it, as it is your point of reference):

cd C:\Catalyst\production\FaceSpace
perl script\ --port 3001

Catalyst - pure and simple

Catalyst - pure and simple

Of course after fixing some bug, it’s generally a good idea to copy the development version to C:\Catalyst\production again, and then restart the server (and update the real “production” version). You can also use some Version Control System for those tasks – I would encourage you to use git, as it is modern, cool, and well documented – but two directories are fine. If you find yourself juggling with many directories and their timestamped *.zip copies, then you definitely need VCS.

Making the long answer short: there is no special Catalyst folder, but any folder you create using the catalyst.bat script is an individual self-containing Catalyst folder.

And the second part – I’ve already written the helloworldish post, so please try it and if there’s something missing, I’d be glad to know how it can be improved.

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